What is "reasonable wear and tear"?

Classically, a security deposit is designed to ensure that the rental premises are returned to the landlord in roughly the same condition that they were leased out, minus “reasonable wear and tear”. That phrase often confuses landlords – the tendency is to think that all tenant-caused “damage” (or dirt) is the proper province of aContinue Reading

Expanded & Updated Formbook Now Available

Based solely on your feedback, I have “overhauled” the form book and dramatically expanded the content – a Table of Contents is attached below for your review. There are approximately 40+ Alabama-specific forms designed for the residential rental property manager or self-managing owner. I have also had these forms “peer-reviewed” by my counterpart at LegalContinue Reading

Meth and the Residential Landlord

The manufacture and use of methamphetamine, a highly dangerous, addictive and illegal drug is rampant throughout the United States. Usually it is manufactured in clandestine labs in trailers and homes in remote areas. Due to the severity of the problem, law enforcement has been making methamphetamine eradication a major priority. The manufacture of methamphetamineMethamphetamine canContinue Reading

Can I Still Charge Termination Penalties?

This question comes to us from one of the properties that we represent in Shelby County, Alabama: Question: I served a Notice of Rental Agreement Noncompliance to a tenant that was behind on their rent. The tenant moved out within seven days and we did not file an unlawful detainer action. Can I still chargeContinue Reading

Is your rent drop-box worth it?

How secure is your drop box? How hard is it to reach the payments inside? In my practice, I get numerous calls from landlords who have drop box break-ins. In a drop box break-in situation it is impossible to disprove the claims of the many tenants who allege deposit of cash payments into the dropContinue Reading

Final Video

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Video 2 of 3

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The "Sarahviction" – Video One of Three

If you are seeing this video, you have been sent here by my office regarding the “negotiated pay and stay”.Continue Reading

Bed Bugs and Fair Housing

An apartment owner was recently walking a prospective resident through his community when an awkward topic came up.  The prospect volunteered that he was looking for a new place to live because the place he was living in had bed bugs. The owner, aware of the nature and expense associated with a multi-family bed bug infestation, was immediatelyContinue Reading

Form Book For Sale

I used the amendments to the landlord-tenant act as an excuse to update my forms and have assembled them into a book. These forms are Alabama-specific. There are 20 total forms, I believe, including a rental application, residential lease agreement, notice of adverse action under the FCRA, pet lease/pet disclosure, rental insurance addendum, rental accessContinue Reading