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Ask the Attorney: April Edition

Dear Ask the Attorney:My property has made a decision NOT to  participate in the Section 8 program. I attended a training given by HUD and it seems to me that we are opening ourselves up to a Fair Housing complaint by telling applicants that “we do not accept Section 8″.  Is Section 8 mandatory now? Continue Reading

Filing an Eviction, Part 5

NEW CLASSES! It has been a long time since I have developed a new class but I am pleased to announce that we have TWO new classes that will be taught in March/April. Fair Housing – Sales:  I am actually very excited about this course because it contains an hour-long segment on prohibited advertising terms.Continue Reading

Bed Bugs and Fair Housing

An apartment owner was recently walking a prospective resident through his community when an awkward topic came up.  The prospect volunteered that he was looking for a new place to live because the place he was living in had bed bugs. The owner, aware of the nature and expense associated with a multi-family bed bug infestation, was immediatelyContinue Reading

A ‘Reasonable’ Accommodation

Fair housing laws require that a landlord permit “reasonable modifications” to a rental unit and make “reasonable accommodations” in rules, policies, practices or service. An accommodation is some “bending” of a rule so that a handicapped person can live in the rental unit. It can mean changing some rule that is applicable to everyone soContinue Reading