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Updated Form Book

Here is the updated table of contents for our form book. If you would like to place an order, please email Table of Contents CoverContinue Reading

Early Lease Termination

Last month we discussed early termination of a lease agreement in the case of active duty military transfers. This month, we are going to discuss what happens when a tenant informs you – for whatever reason – that he is moving despite being under an unexpired residential lease agreement.   As discussed last month, aContinue Reading

Contractual Modifications of Residential Lease Agreements

This month we are going to discuss contractual modifications of residential lease agreements.  A lease agreement is a legal contract providing possession of residential premises to a tenant for a fixed duration upon set terms.  There is no general contractual right to modify a legal contract – its terms remain binding on both parties forContinue Reading

Ask the Attorney: September Edition

Dear Ask the Attorney:I have recently taken over management of a single-family residential property from another management company. May I require that the existing tenant sign my lease agreement?  Generally, no.  If the former management company correctly styled the residential lease agreement (i.e., the lease is between TENANT and MANAGEMENT COMPANY AS AGENT FOR OWNER)Continue Reading

Ask the Attorney: April Edition

Dear Ask the Attorney:My property has made a decision NOT to  participate in the Section 8 program. I attended a training given by HUD and it seems to me that we are opening ourselves up to a Fair Housing complaint by telling applicants that “we do not accept Section 8″.  Is Section 8 mandatory now? Continue Reading

Final Video

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A Thanks to Denise Evans!

I had the opportunity to speak with Denise Evans the other day – – and I wanted to thank her for the wonderful endorsement on her website. Be sure to check it out!Continue Reading

Sarah Taggart on WHNT 19

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Military Orders & Residential Leases

Termination of Residential Leases. The Service Member’s Relief Act allows individuals to break a lease when they go onto active duty, if the lease was entered into before going onto active duty. Additionally, the act allows a service member to terminate a residential lease entered into while in the military, if the member receives permanentContinue Reading