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Based solely on your feedback, I have “overhauled” the form book and dramatically expanded the content – a Table of Contents is attached below for your review. There are approximately 40+ Alabama-specific forms designed for the residential rental property manager or self-managing owner. I have also had these forms “peer-reviewed” by my counterpart at Legal Services Alabama. … because who better to review my forms than the tenant lawyer who will be challenging them in the future? We are currently filling the pre-orders and are taking orders for new books which will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Pricing information, as well as format options, is available by contacting (256) 562-1999. Also: if you ordered a book in the last six months, please contact the office at (256) 562 – 1999 for your complimentary upgrade.




The formation of the relationship: The template forms in this section contemplate structuring the formation of a residential landlord/tenant relationship. Please keep in mind that an accurate and diligent screening process will eliminate the majority of your “problem tenants” but that the same process must be followed for every tenant that applies to avoid Fair Housing Act implications.

1)Rental Application

2)Resident Selection Criteria (Model Policy)

3)Offer to Lease

4)Notice of Adverse Action under F.C.R.A

5) Residential Lease Agreement

6) Bed Bug Addendum – Single Family

7) Bed Bug Addendum – Multi-Family

8) Pet Lease/ Pet Disclosure Addendum

9) Renter’s Insurance Addendum

10) Mold Addendum

11) Pool/Trampoline Addendum

12) Move-In/Move-Out Inspection (Walk-Through Checklist)

13) Guarantor/Cosigner Form

Forms needed during the landlord-tenant relationship: The template forms in this section are designed to assist with the day-to-day mechanics of a residential landlord and tenant relationship.

14) Notice of Intent to Enter Dwelling Unit for Inspection

15) Partial Rent Refusal Notice

16) Notification of New Management

17) Lease Break Agreement/Mutual Release

18) One-Time Rent Abatement/Mutual Release

19) Waiver of Late Fees

20) Rental Increase Reminder

21) Winterization Checklist

22) Notice of Strict Compliance w/ Lease Agreement

23) Security Deposit Accounting Letter

24) Rental Access Addendum for Showing Property

25) Notice of Default re: Utility Service

26) Repair Work Order Template

27) Incident Report Template

28) Warning Letter re: Failure to Maintain Leased Premises

29) Home-Based Business Agreement & Waiver

30) Confirmation of Vacating Premises & Surrender of Keys

Forms to terminate the landlord-tenant relationship: The template forms in this section contemplate terminating a rental agreement. Please note that if you have a problem tenant that is otherwise current on their rent and not on a month-to-month rental agreement, you will need to contact competent legal counsel to draft your notice to terminate the rental agreement. Notices in those situations can be tricky and require specific tailoring to each situation.

31) Notice to Terminate a Month-to-Month Tenancy w. Instructions

32) Notice of Failure to Pay Rent w. Instructions.

33) Notice of Abandonment w. Instructions.

34) Other Types of Rental Defaults

35) Notice of Intent Not to Renew Lease Agreement

Property Management Forms: Forms in this section are designed for the internal day-to-day functioning of a property management company.

36) Property Management Agreement

37) Eviction Hold-Off Letter

38) Model Polices on Transitioning a Property.

39) Owner Repair Refusal Letter

40) Letter to Terminate Management Agreement

Special Forms

41) Manufactured Home Lease (Ground Lease).

42) Statutory Letter re: Worthless Checks

43) Sample Ledger

Various format options are available. We also sell each form individually. To order, or for pricing information, please contact:

Sarah Taggart, P.C., Post Office Box 18862, Huntsville, Alabama 35804

Ph: (256) 562 – 1999

F: (256) 562-1997

email: atwitty@sarahtaggart.com

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