Multifamily Residential

For our multi-family residential landlord clients (apartment communities), we provide the following services:

  • “Questions are Free” policy for on-site property managers – your managers can call our office to ask a general Landlord/Tenant law question at no charge;
  • Low-cost, high-volume legal representation on suits for possession, unlawful detainers, and other eviction proceedings throughout the State;
  • Free access to our online database of previous court filings, including previously “evicted” tenants;
  • Notice drafting to enforce lease terms and conditions with respect to occupancy, maintenance, parking, noise, pets, and other matters;
  • Defense of tenant claims or counterclaims relating to habitability issues, security deposits, retaliatory evictions, or code violations;
  • In-House corporate training with regards to Alabama Landlord/Tenant law and Fair Housing issues;
  • Full-service collections on delinquent accounts, including recording money judgments and filing garnishments.

Contact our office at (256) 562 – 1999 for further information and a current rate sheet.