Early Lease Termination

In this article we are going to discuss what happens when a tenant informs you – for whatever reason –that he is moving despite being under an unexpired residential lease agreement.A residential lease agreement is an installment contract for a fixed duration of time. Alabama’s Landlord/Tenant Act does not allow either party (the landlord OR […]

Month-to-Month Tenancies

In this article, we will discuss the legal relationship known as a “month to month” residential tenancy, including how it is formed and how to terminate it, in Alabama.Most lease contracts in rental property are for a fixed term – typically one year. When these contracts expire by their own terms, they can either automatically […]

The Legal Requirements of a Non-Payment Based Eviction Notice in Alabama

In this article we will discuss the legal requirements of a notice for a nonpayment of rent based case in residential rental property. It will be in two parts.In Alabama, a nonpayment of rent based eviction – by far the most common type of eviction – can only start after the landlord has served a […]